Ways To Help Your Loved One Struggling With Depression


Depression is a terrifying disorder that can break relationships. If your loved one is struggling with depression and you don’t know how to help them battle it; let me tell you you’re not alone, there are many others like you who don’t know what to do. Luckily, there are small tiny things that should be kept in mind that will help your loved one struggling with depression fight the battle. Make sure you read this article well, because one wrong move could result in a lot of problems between the two of you.

Be around them:

It really helps, when you are around your loved one to help them emotionally and physically. A few comforting words like, “Don’t worry, I’m always there for you, no matter what” or “Everything will be fine”, can better the situation to a large extent. It will make your loved one feel better and comfort her; she will be rest assured that you will be there in her time of need.

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Listen to what they have to say, without judging them:

loved one is depressed

Always be there for them in time of need.

Your loved one will not always be in a position to talk to about her problems openly to you. When she is ready, she will come up to you and discuss her issue at hand. Ensure at that time you are there for her and most importantly you don’t judge her by what she may or may not share with you. Keep an open mind and give her the space to talk it out. Ninety percent of the work is done, when she starts to speak her heart out. All what you have to do is ‘Listen’ and based on the situation give your opinion on how she can have her peace of mind.

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Help them with the housework:

Help them with housework

Help them with simple chores to ease their mind.

By helping your loved one with simple household chores like cleaning the dishes, taking out the trash and cleaning the house, make it easier for her when she’s dealing with depression. It takes the stress of her mind, and gives her some alone time that every person suffering from depression longs for; sometime to themselves.

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Patience is a virtue:

After your loved one has received medical help for her depression, ensure you take it slow because it might take her a while to feel better. There are days that are more difficult than others, all what you have to do is give her time. When she interacts with her friends or family members you will have to extra patient with her because she might not want to interact with them much. As I said before, all you have to do is give her time and everything will be fine. Wow, that rhymed really well.

Always remember one thing, when you are helping your loved one, you just need to be there for her. She needs that emotional and mental support. Once she knows that, everything else will be a cake walk.


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