Ways To Lighten Dark Underarms


Dark underarms can be embarrassing when you want to sport a sleeveless top or tee. You feel shy to raise your hands and the uncomfortable feeling is very evident. Why suffer when you can actually lighten those underarms with simple remedies? Over the counter perfumes and deodorants also claim to lighten underarms, but why spend so much money when you have home remedies? Check out how you can lighten those dark underarms and be free to wear any type of top you’d like.

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Cucumbers have lightening properties

Cucumbers have lightening properties

Don’t leave cucumbers lying in your refrigerator when they can actually be used for skin lightening! A good way to work magic on your skin is by mixing cucumber with lemon juice. While both of them have skin lightening properties, one works as a strong bleach while the other works as a cooling agent for the irritation that lemon may cause, besides being a lightening agent as well.

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Baking soda

This household item will never be left alone! With all the major benefits it possesses, more people are learning about the magic of baking soda. Well, you can use it to lighten your underarms as well! Mix baking soda and water to form a thick paste and apply this to your underarms. Wash off after a while to reveal a soft and odourless lightened underarm that you’ll surely be happier with.

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Orange peels

Orange peels are an amazing skin lightener

Orange peels are an amazing skin lightener

Yet another scrub for your underarms is made by using orange peels which has bleaching properties. This scrub can be made by drying orange peels in the sun, grinding it into a powder and adding some rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste to your underarms and you’ll be surprised with the results!

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The fatty acids and vitamins that milk possesses are supremely effective in lightening your underarms. Just normal application of milk can work wonders, and if you mix it with curd, the lactic acid does wonders for your skin as well.


Different oils can moisturise your underams

Different oils can moisturise your underarms

Oils like coconut oil, vitamin oil, almond oil, and a few other essential oils like jojoba can be used to moisturise your skin and make it soft and supple. Healthy skin will look better and lighter naturally!

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