Enjoy your Valentine’s Day alone


Valentine’s Day? Alone? Are you crazy? This is the first reaction you will get if people discover that you are spending the day of love by yourself. Well, what is the point of celebrating V-day if you don’t hang out with the one you love the most: yourself?

This year, if you are not occupied with a date or other commitments, try to selfishly spend the day with yourself. It is always good to have some lone time and even better if that is on a day meant for showing love.

Here are things you can indulge in to treat yourself lavishly on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Give yourself the royal treatment

Compared to the other 364 days, this is the day when things are expensive. Be it candies, flowers, cakes or anything for that matter; people pay a huge price for something that wouldn’t even last for the week. You can cut down on that cost by spending that money to splurge on a new wardrobe or to treat yourself with a massage you have been longing for since ages. Feel special; be your own Valentine. Spend the day by doing whatever makes you happy.

Hang out with your pals

It’s not necessary for all your friends to engage in some commitment on V-day. Either one or two of them will definitely be a potato couch even on this special occasion. Grab your chance to hang out with your ‘jobless’ friends. Party with them or dine together; do something that can totally make your day.

Holiday it is!


You can also plan a holiday to get out of town and enjoy some ‘me time’. If you have some extra cash, spending it on a good holiday can be totally worth it. It is not necessary for you to travel out of country (you can, if you have enough cash). You can travel to a place close-by and make it a memorable one.

Do the usual

Though Valentine’s Day is hyped to be the day of celebration and love, it is totally okay for you to stay at home and watch your preferred television show with some caramel popcorn. What is better than getting some time to spend with oneself? But, make sure you are happy with your choice of spending the day. After all, you should be your first lover.

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