What A Woman Expects From Her Wedding Night Sex


Every person – be it a young man or young girl – at some point or the other, wonders how their wedding would be. And come on, let’s be factual, they also imagine how their wedding night would be!

In case of love marriages, there are chances that the couple is comfortable with each other’s touch and cuddles. In some cases, they might have also indulged in sex before marriage. Still, the first sex after marriage seems special.

But if yours is an arranged marriage, give more time for bonding and knowing each other better. Though girls don’t admit, they usually are uncomfortable when their husbands see them nude or touch their bare body for the first time. So, take it slow, and explore her body overtime. Don’t let sex be your focus on the first night after wedding; let subtle acts of love-making be. No-sex intimacy is also wonderful; don’t underrate it.

Here are some things that women expect from their wedding night sex:

Nothing but romance

After the frantic and chaotic wedding day, you both will be dead tired, wanting to crash on the couch. So, if this is the case, snuggle with your wife; it shows your care and thoughtfulness. Women like to know that they are loved; prove to her that she is special.

Indulge her

Women love to be pampered as it makes them feel special; pamper her. Help her remove her heavy jewellery or fondle her fingers; it gives time for intimate conversations. Making your sexy moves by stroking her can be quite a turn on.

wedding night sex

Slow and steady might come handy

Begin with a nice, warm hug, or a simple kiss – not necessarily on the lips; the forehead is a safe option. You have an entire lifetime to explore; hence, focus on taking it slow. Don’t be hasty and spoil the mood. Wedding night intimacy is incredible if you take it slow.

Impress her with your perfect kiss

No matter how tired you are, a kiss is imperative to show that you find her attractive. So, ensure that the kiss is impressive, and not a big, wet and sloppy one. The kiss should be gentle, yet should turn her on. Remember that this kiss can talk about what’s going on in your head. So, don’t give her the impression of a desperado.

Keep the conversation light

It is essential to be careful on the topics you choose to talk on your wedding night. Though being witty is appreciated, sarcasm is a complete no-no. Don’t spoil the moment by talking grim stuff about work or family. Remember to be nice and compliment her, but don’t overdo it; it only ruins the mood.


Whether you both decide to indulge in sex on the wedding night itself, or wait for a day or two to bond with each other, is your call; but just remember one thing – be subtle and sexy, not impatient and wild on the first night of your sex. Now that we gave you some basic idea, wait for the big night to surprise her with your moves.



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