What do you think about Germany’s World Cup triumph?


Germany is finally World Cup Champions! After being so consistent, World Cup after World Cup, Die Mannschaft has proved to the world that they aren’t chokers anymore! What about the celebration? Wasn’t it wonderful to watch? Joachim Löw has made everyone witness that this German team is as efficient as their cars!

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If you’ve realised one thing about this team, which I’m sure everybody has, it is that there isn’t any major star. Some may argue that Muller, or maybe Ozil could fit the bill, but I would disagree! Although Muller and Klose are amazing finishers, and Ozil is great with his precise assists, Die Mannschaft is a team – a perfect, professional, hard working, icon of national pride! Here is what some people had to say about Germany’s World Cup triumph.

Andrea Santos

Andrea Santos

Andrea Santos is a 28-year-old German supporter who watched the match with her buddies at her place on the big night. “Germany deserved the title, their consistency was amazing. Ozil, Muller, Kroos, Khedira, Hummels – absolute rock solid performers each game! To top it all, Miroslav Klose, the World Cup’s top scorer of all time, was like a perfect icing on the cake. Germany has always been my favourite team and it was wonderful to see the perfect blend of a new and old generation nick the world title finally, after all their ‘so close yet so far’ attempts.”

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Shivesh Foman

Shivesh Forman

21-year-old Shivesh Forman just graduated and was quite excited to watch the FIFA World Cup finals because he was free to watch the match without the tension of studies! As we spoke to him, he had a Bastian Schweinsteiger jersey on and was full of praise for the German side. “I supported Germany from the beginning! Their game was not based on one particular star, but the whole team chipped in. From Kroos to Mertesacker everybody made valuable contributions. I was happy about Manuel Neuer and his Golden glove award. Then to see Miroslav surpass the legendary Ronaldo was fantastic. Schweinsteiger played on even after bleeding and getting stitched! What a player, such passion!”

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Italian supporter Akhilesh Subramanian’s favourite player Andrea Pirlo may have performed well at the tournament, but they did not manage to go past the group stages. “I had high hopes for Italy, but let’s not talk about that. Germany deserved it… every bit of it. They were consistent from the group stages and they upped their game once the knockout stages began. They were the one team who weren’t dependant on a single player’s talent, unlike most other teams among FIFA’s top ranked International sides. From the 4-0 drubbing of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal to the 7-1 humiliation of the hosts, the mighty Germans have stomped through to the title! The coach and his tactics have been spectacular as well. He has built this team into one of the greatest teams ever. Salut – Joachim Löw.”

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Karan Ghadi supported the Netherlands but was obviously gutted by their elimination at the hands Argentina in the semi finals in the nail biting penalty shootout. “Gutted that the Dutch couldn’t make it to the final, but I supported Germany after Argentina beat the Dutch on penalties – so unfair! The German defence was amazing. Manuel Neuer has been a boss of a keeper. I found Gonzalo Higuaín’s offside goal celebration too funny (laughs), and then he almost got knocked out by Neuer! Argentina deserved to lose! They made games boring with their defensive play. This German machine has hit top gear finally; it will take a lot to shove them off the top now. Just like their cars, their team has been supremely efficient!”

Die Mannschaft are World Champions! I repeat… World Champions! Not runner up or third place. The German ruthlessness was there to see as they sent the Portuguese packing and then rampaged Brazil in their homeland before ultimately nicking a goal past the stubborn and solid Argentinean defence to be declared as World Champions!


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