What Do You Think About Having Sex Before Marriage?


I’m guessing you were either really interested in knowing what other people think about sex before marriage or perhaps you have something to say about it yourself. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad you clicked on this article because this is something we really need to talk more about. Sex has been touted as a taboo topic in India for ages and it’s time we looked at it differently. Dating, though full of ups and downs, is something that almost all of us do these days, to find the special someone we’d want to spend our life with. While some people choose to ‘explore’ multiple partners, there are some who would rather commit themselves to the one-and-only Mr./Miss Right. But an important part of dating and marriage is sex. So we asked some of our readers what they think about having sex before marriage. Well, it’s a free country and everybody has different views about the same thing, but here’s what some of our readers had to say about this.

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Deborah Jones, 21, BMM student, said, “Yes, you should. You should definitely have sex before marriage. Why? Because the first time you do it, there’s a chance it isn’t going to be too great. It’s going to be painful and most likely bloody. Why anyone would want to save this until marriage is beyond me.”

Sex is a natural phenomenon

Sex is a natural phenomenon

29-year-old Hemant Kataria, who is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, said, “Yes, just do it!” He justified his response saying, “Sex is a very natural thing, It occurs naturally for all animals. Aren’t we animals too (in a sense)? For some reason, humans make a huge deal out of this act and put moral and religious restrictions and guidelines around it. I see no need for that.”

Neha Aneja, 27, housewife, opined, “I believe it’s okay to have sex before marriage as long as it’s perfectly fine with both the people involved in it. Sure, one should be monogamous, definitely be safe, and even wait for the right person, but waiting for marriage? I don’t think it’s necessary. That makes marriage a barrier to something so natural. If two people love each other and feel completely comfortable to bare their souls to each other why should they wait until marriage to unite their bodies?”

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While some readers were okay with the idea of having sex before marriage stating it is a totally natural phenomenon, others were against it. And they had their reasons…

Sex is sacred act of love meant for husband and wife only

Sex is sacred act of love meant for husband and wife only

Imran Karachiwala, 24, a Commerce graduate, shares the logic behind his views, “No, I believe you should not have sex before marriage. This is because I think if you are in a serious relationship, it is better for you to focus on your significant other’s mind and thoughts rather than their body and sexuality. You must first make sure you are on the same page and it may take many years to find out if you are compatible with your partner, but if you rush to have sex in the initial years of your dating period, it will be a huge distraction. Thus it is sensible to wait for marriage to happen. It gives you enough time to know each other and be comfortable to bare your body, mind and soul to your spouse. Whereas, sex has a tendency to make you think you love someone, although it might just be infatuation or lust.”

Lakshmi Shashtri, 29, an MBA student thinks sex is too sacred to be abused, she said, “Sex is a sacred act of intimacy and therefore it should be treated with respect and not abused (by having sex with every boyfriend or girlfriend one has). This sacred act is for people who have made a sincere vow of pure love and togetherness to each other. Partners or soulmates are never found by way of trial and error, and having sex before marriage seems just that to me…”

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Asha Patel, 45, mother of two, said, “God made sex to unite a man and woman in marriage. We all need to obey His law and follow His word in the light. Besides, almost all faiths and religions prohibit sex before marriage. So, if you are religious and believe in a superior Being, when you follow other rules set down by your respective faith, then you should follow this particular rule too. It is not up to you to question what God’s will is.”

While the religiously and morally cultured prefer to abstain from it, the people who are forward in thought and action seem to enjoy sex before marriage. Well, to each his own!

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