What Do Your Selfies Say About Your Personality


Selfie Enthusiasts, here’s an interesting piece of information for you. The first selfie was taken in the year 1839 by a Philadelphia-based amateur chemist and photographer, Robert Cornelius. Yes, that’s how old the concept of selfie is! However, you owe your love for selfies to Jim Krause, a photographer for coining the word in 2005. Selfie took the world by storm and was announced as the “word of the year” by Oxford English Dictionary.

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Here is a list of some most popular selfies and what they say about you that will make you go, “Oh, that’s so ME!” ;)

1. The Bed-fie

Do you click a selfie in bed, first thing in the morning?

Do you click a selfie in bed, first thing in the morning?

It’s one of the first selfies that you have clicked even before you can step out of your bed in the morning. The selfie is mostly the first thing that you think of while browsing through your mobile after waking up. It’s a daily ritual for you and your mornings refuse to take off without you having taken a perfect selfie with your bed in the background.

2. The Bathroom-fie

What! Can your visit to the bathroom be complete without a selfie that boasts of your pretty face accentuated with the right makeup, the gorgeous dress that you are wearing and the accessories matched to perfection? Definitely not! Therefore, selfies from innumerable angles become mandatory to ensure that you look as pretty as you had looked when you left home, if not more. Even the mostly shabby bathroom decor can do nothing to make you look less attractive.

3. The Pout-fie

Bollywood's pouting queen Alia Bhatt is really good with selfies

Bollywood’s pouting queen Alia Bhatt is really good with selfies

Oh! Your collection of selfies has an uncountable number of this kind, because you’ve mastered the art of a pout-fie, a-la-Kareena-Kapoor. After having failed miserably initially, you now know the perfect angle that flatters your face type, how much your cheeks need to be sucked in to highlight your amazing cheek bones, the right angle to hold your mobile phone, and where exactly the light should fall to make your social media friends and followers love it. You are Miss Perfectionist who refuses to settle for anything less than a perfect Pout-fie.

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4. The Car-fie

Driving around with your friends? Click a Car-fie of your hip-and-happening friends in the car to reminiscent later on how perfect your group looks together. Sitting together or scrutinizing it once you have uploaded it on Facebook or Instagram is a lot of fun. You love your friends, and these Car-fies make for a pleasant memory whenever you browse through them later.

5. The Sad-fie

The newest selfie fad is the sad-face selfie! Clicked yours yet?

The newest selfie fad is the sad-face selfie! Clicked yours yet?

You are sad or not having a particularly good day and you are not around your friends to console you. How do you solve the problem? Click a selfie of yourself with a weepy expression, upload it and tag your friends. It is only a matter of seconds before your known and unknown friends get back to you to share your woes. You love your friends because they are your backbone and, therefore, cannot do without them.

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Life is unthinkable without selfies. Explore with them and come up with your own unique selfies because any time is selfie time!

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