What does a guy look at when he sees you for the first time!


I know what you are thinking, but trust me you have got it wrong. Men do check out the physical appearance of a girl when they lay eyes on her for the first time, but it goes beyond that. They check out her face, her eyes and even her body language.  Here are a few things that every guy notices when they see a girl for the first time.



The first thing that men notice is your smile. When you greet a man with a smile, it says a lot about your personality. If you have a sweet smile that lightens up your entire face, you are sure to entice the guy. It makes him feel that you are a happy person and no one in the world is a stranger to you. If you give the guy a half smile, he might think that you are a little apprehensive or maybe shy.

Your hair

Yes, men do look at a woman’s hair. They like women who let their hair loose. Men often fantasize about running their fingers through your gorgeous locks; it does not matter if they are short or long.

Your voice

Men are absolutely turned on by a woman’s sexy voice. They are also attracted to women who speak at a higher pitch (does not mean you have to scream). A high pitch symbolizes youth and confidence, two things that men are instantly attracted to.

Your eyes

Eyes are a mirror of the soul. We all have heard this quote before and it stands true. Eyes are truly a reflection of the soul. When someone looks closely into your eyes, they can easily figure out what kind of a person you are. Your eyes portray your emotions very well, even if you don’t say it in words.

Your makeup


Too much makeup is definitely a turn off for men. They like women who are naturally pretty. They like women who are confident about their looks and comfortable in their skin. Men associate makeup with being fake.

There it is! All that men assess when they look at a girl for the very first time. Keep these simple little tips in mind and you can blow any man’s mind away. You will be surprised how many smiles will come your way.


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