What happens when milk is added to Coca Cola


There are some studies which suggest that consuming a lot of soft drinks increase the likelihood of a person developing Osteoporosis, especially if they aren’t getting enough Calcium in their diet. That left aside, what exactly happens when milk is added to a fizzy drink. Check out this experiment to know:


In case you want to understand the chemistry behind it, here it is:

The reaction of phosphoric acid (V) to proteins in the milk – they are cut and causes a precipitate
The reaction of phosphoric acid with calcium contained in milk gives rise to a precipitate
3Ca + 2H3PO4 ///\\\ Ca3(PO4)2 + 3H2

It is a reaction of the Phosphoric Acid contained in the Coca Cola to the milk. Phosphoric Acid molecules attach to the milk giving them more density and separate out while the remaining liquid that makes up the milk and Coca Cola now being lighter floats on top. The solid matter is basically milk that has been curdled by the addition of the more acidic soda.

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