What To Keep In Mind Before Baring Your Midriff


These days,baring your midriff is a trend that’s growing more popular in our country. But you would be surprised to know that they have been around since ages, probably even you have worn a midriff baring outfit. Yes, I’m talking about the ghagra cholis and the traditional saris! I know, I know, today’s lot would rather choose western attire over our ever so sexy saris, but with the midriff baring trend here to stay, we all must keep our waist prim and proper. Here’s how…

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Exfoliate: Your ensemble would not look good enough if your midriff is dry and scaly. Get rid of the dead skin by regularly exfoliating your skin with a good moisturizing scrub. Did you know that dry skin can also make you seem a shade darker? And it’s not a pretty sight, if you have a relatively fair face and patchy dark midriff. Use a body wrap and get rid of the patchy skin.

Midriff tops are a huge rage in the country today

Midriff tops are a huge rage in the country today

Hair-scare: Imagine this: You’re wearing your best crop top, and you have forgotten to remove the hair on your navel. Scary! Ensure to remove all hair from this area by either opting for waxing or shaving or more permanent solutions like laser hair removal.

Midriff makeup: Using makeup to enhance your waist will make it look sexier. Use a body bronzer on your exposed skin, or apply some shea butter that gives a natural shine to your skin making it look healthy.

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Tone your abs: All the makeup in the world won’t make you look good if you have an unsightly paunch dropping out of your crop top. Make sure to tone it down; take up yoga or zumba or hit the gym. Do whatever works for you but make sure you get those perfect abs to flaunt. If you don’t have time for gym or zumba classes, try doing these at-home exercises to get a sexy midriff.

The plank:

Demonstration of the plank (Img source - somastruct.com)

Demonstration of the plank (Img source – somastruct.com)

This is probably one of the best ever exercises to tone your abs. Lie down on your stomach and bring your forearms ahead. Now, with your core muscles lift your body and bring it in a straight line. This means only your fore arm up to the elbows and your toes remain on the ground.

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Reverse crunches:

Demonstration of the reverse crunches (Img source - realsimple.com)

Demonstration of the reverse crunches (Img source – realsimple.com)

Alternatively, you could do a set of reverse crunches. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and lift your feet off the ground. Then, slowly pull your knees toward your chest. Hold for a few seconds then lower your knees back down and place your feet to the ground again.

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Be-jewelled: Deck up your navel to add that extra amount of oomph factor to your outfit. You could use stick-on diamantes or henna tattoos to beautify your navel.

If you’re thinking of baring your midriff make sure you keep the aforementioned tips in mind.

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