What’s Better – Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm Or All-In-One?


Often, first impression proves to be the last impression. Therefore, it is unimaginable to step out without looking into the mirror to ensure that we are the cynosure of all eyes wherever we go. Right, ladies? So, dab on some powder, highlight your eyes, brush your luscious mane, tend to your lips and you are good to throw caution to the winds. However, it often becomes confusing regarding the product that is necessary for our individual requirements and preferences, considering the myriad of products for lips that are available at stores. It’s best to browse through the various product categories available and pick the option(s) that suit our unique needs and choices.

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Lip Balm

No woman's would ever step out without swiping lip balm or lipstick

No woman would ever step out without swiping lip balm on!

Ladies, can you imagine a day without a lip balm thrown into your bag? It is one of those essentials that we just can’t do without. Balms or chap sticks moisturize our lips and keep them well hydrated. Take time out from your busy schedule to devote a minute to balm your lips whenever it feels parched, to avoid picking on them. Lip balms have mastered the art of multi-tasking, just as we have! Nivea’s Lip Care and Maybelline’s Baby Lips have come up with lip balms that double up as a lip gloss and impart a subtle sheen to your lips with tints like pink, peach and brown, among many others. Opt for a balm with an SPF Protection, so that your precious lips do not get tanned by the scorching sun.

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Pinks, nudes, reds, corals or browns which is your favorite shade of lipstick?

Pinks, nudes, reds, corals or browns – which is your favorite shade of lipstick?

Often, a lady’s makeup kit is incomplete without lipsticks of at least one shade from different hues, like pink, brown, nude, mauve and red. However, there are women who prefer a lip gloss or simply a lip balm to lipsticks, or do not enjoy applying them regularly. A lipstick with moisturizing properties may be a good alternative to a lip balm, if you are a lipstick person. Whether you prefer a lipstick with a matte or a glossy finish, make sure that you select one that keep your lips well-hydrated, apart from imparting a beautiful hue to it, to prevent your lips from drying and lines appearing on them. If you love this beauty product, ladies, apply them and be prepared to be the centre of attention wherever you set your foot!

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Lip Gloss

Nars lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm,

Combat dry lips with a high shine moisturizing lip gloss


If you love oodles of sheen and bling on your lips, irrespective of the time of day, then lip glosses are just the thing for you. Besides, they are great for women with dry lips. However, invest in a good one that is not too sticky to the extent that it coagulates and makes your lips appear uneven. You can also apply it sparingly, whenever you feel like it or on special occasions. Instead of purchasing a gloss of different colours, you can simply dab on some gloss on a lipstick of your preference and, whoa, you are ready to shine!

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Lakme Aquashine all-in-one lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss

Try the Lakme Aquashine all-in-one lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss

Are you a super-busy lady with almost no time to devote to makeup, yet cannot do without it? Are you a tomboy who either does not have the patience to wear all of the above separately or like to wear them only when you feel like dressing girly occasionally? Then, this product is made just for you. Apply a balm, gloss and lipstick all at one go and you are ready to set out and take on the world, Princess!

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Keep a couple of these beauty products from each one of the above in your bag because you never know which one you would like to use and when. Life never fails to surprise and you should never fail to surprise yourself by mixing and matching the amazing lip products in your kitty. Go girl!

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