When Should You Visit Your Dermatologist


Do you ever feel that at times your skin too needs some help? I’m sure your answer is positive, but how many of us really do pay a regular visit to the dermatologist. In this DIY age, people rarely visit a specialist for almost any condition ever. We usually try grandma’s tricks first, don’t we? But I’m sorry to burst your bubble; there are those times when at-home DIY treatment just won’t do, and a visit to the dermo is imperative.

This particular article will tell you when is it that you really need to see the specialists and when can you save the cash for at-home organic peaches.

An annual trip to the skin specialist is crucial for our health

An annual trip to the skin specialist is crucial for our health

When it’s been quite a while:

Do visit your dermatologist if it has been a year since you saw them. Annual cancer screenings are REALLY IMPORTANT and cannot be ignored at any cost. Keep a tab on your skin, if you spot any precancerous moles, rush to the specialist before it’s late to treat it. Also, you won’t be able to detect anything fishy so it’s important to have a professional do this for you, as you might not recognize something that needs attention. You also won’t be able to see every area of your body. So do pay a visit to the skin specialist once a year.

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When you spot something new:

If you see a new mole or a spot that looks like it’s been changing or if it itches or hurts, visit a dermo ASAP. The sooner you make the diagnosis, the better will be the success rate for treating it. This will in turn be better for your overall health.

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Microdermabrasion is a newer and better alternative to other invasive treatments

Microdermabrasion is a newer and better alternative to other invasive treatments

When a scratch takes too long to heal:

You must also see a skin specialist if you have a scratch that seems like it should have healed on its own a long time ago, but it hasn’t.

When you tried your grandma’s hack on a condition in vain:

If you’ve been trying to self-treat a skin condition that’s not showing any signs of improvement with your homemade magic tonic, it could be something more serious that you initially thought it to be. Go and see an expert.

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If you see a bump or a lump:

Any lumpy-bumpy object that’s not supposed to be part of your body must raise a mental alarm. Do your self-breast-exam regularly or visit a skin specialist once or twice a year to get checked.


If you spot any unusual or abnormal discoloration on your skin which has started changing, growing, or darkening, then it is crucial to see a dermatologist to find out what’s going on because it could be skin cancer.

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Persistent itch or rash:

Skin conditions like eczema or other types of dermatitis are often accompanied by uncomfortable and sometimes painful inflammation, and uncontrollable itching or irritation. If you have any such symptoms or also flaking skin that won’t go away, it’s time to get expert help.

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