Why Deepika Padukone Is The Perfect Role Model


It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Bollywood’s favorite actress Deepika Padukone is a fine example of beauty with brains. Everybody knows that the sultry actress is every filmmaker’s numero uno choice, and she can command an impressive box office opening for all her projects. But this leggy lass is more than just about acting and fame. Here is why Deepika makes for the ideal role model:

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She is passionate about whatever she does: Whatever she does, Dippy puts her whole heart and soul into it. Be it badminton, modeling, acting or dancing; she has all the aces up her sleeve! Her shift from sports to modeling, to her rise in the Hindi film industry shows that the girl is sure of what she wants, and won’t stop until she gets it!

You don't want to mess with this Queen Bee of Bollywood

You don’t want to mess with this Queen Bee of Bollywood

She is gutsy: Whether it’s giving it back to a popular newspaper over the controversial ‘cleavage show’ or dealing with heartbreak, the girl never let anything affect her and bring her down. Her grit and determination to make it big in Bollywood has made her the most sought-after actress today.

She supports social causes: Very recently, Deepika spoke in an interview about how she has battled depression in early 2014 and we were more than proud for her honesty and courage. That’s not it, the star is now working to support mental health awareness with a whole team of doctors and psychiatrists! This attribute proves how Deepika is socially responsible and more than just a pretty face.

Deepika has admitted that she was battling depression, early last year

Deepika has admitted that she was battling depression, early last year

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She is humble: Which Bollywood actress would literally bend down before another contemporary actress? Deepika did; even if it was to adjust Alia Bhatt’s dress at an awards night! She could have simply ignored Alia’s discomfort, but she chose to squat down and adjust Alia’s gown in front of thousands of live audience, and several cameras. DP believes competition doesn’t matter, but talent does. Her regard for her co-workers and respect for everyone lets her humility shine through.

She strikes the right balance: She isn’t a star for no reason. Deepika knows how to strike a balance between her personal and professional life. On one hand she works hard to give blockbuster hit movies and on the other makes time for her family, friends and lover equally. How sweet, Dippy!


[ This article was contributed by The Brunette Diaries to Club Deepika P (Deepika's Fan Club on Twitter) and was published in their March 2015 edition of Crazen magazine.]

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