Why Do Babies Cry!


Here’s a universal fact no one’s oblivious about (especially mothers) – babies cry. There’s no getting around it; they’re wired that way. It’s the only way they communicate hunger, pain, fear, a diaper emergency, a need for sleep and so much more. But for new mommies, it can really difficult and rather tricky (even if you try guessing) to interpret your child’s cries. Just to make life a bit easier for all new parents, here are the most common reasons that can asnwer your question “Why do babies cry!”

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Often, babies cry for the most basic reason i.e. hunger


Hunger is the number one reason why babies cry. Initially a child is on liquid feed (mother’s milk and formula) so he can easily feel hungry often. Hence, if your baby cries, your first thought should be when was the last time you gave him/her a feed, and depending upon that you can easily address the issue.

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A soiled diaper could cause rashes and discomfort which would make your baby cranky

Dirty diaper:

A dirty diaper may also be one of the top reasons why a baby cries. Babies tend to urinate or poo after a feed, and if unchecked for a while, the dirty diaper can cause rashes and discomfort, hence the wails. The only problem that may arise is that while some babies may tell you when to change the nappy right after their ‘business’ is done, others can tolerate it for a while. It’s always better to check the nappy for any pee or poop.

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Needs rest or a nap:

Children get tired more often than adults do. But since they can’t express when they’re tired, exhausted, or sleepy, they cry. Try to maintain a nap time-table and stick to it even when your baby isn’t crying.

Needs to be held:

Babies need a lot of cuddling. They like to see their parents’ faces, hear their voices, listen to their heartbeats and smell them. Basically, they need lots of attention, and crying can be one way to ask for it.

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Newborns get tired easily and require more sleep, so if your baby is crying it could be that he/she is tired and needs rest

Tummy aches:

Tummy troubles are a part and parcel of newborn babies. Gas, colic pains, gripes and various other stomach problems can cause discomfort and lots of non-stop crying. Mothers may freak out, but all you need is to soothe the pain and discomfort, and the crying will subside eventually. Gripe water usually helps, but consult your paediatrician first. A natural alternative is boiling carom seeds and using the strained water as medicine for tummy problems.


Doctors differ in opinion on whether burping is mandatory after every feed. But if your baby seems to be fussy and cranky after a feed, a good burp is all he probably needs.

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Temperature fluctuations:

Parents often tend to drop or raise the temperature of the room in order to make the baby feel comfortable. But they don’t realize that this fluctuation could actually be bothering the child.


If your baby is well fed, has a clean diaper and is comfortable in the cradle, but still crying, there could be some serious underlying issue. Maybe a fever, a blocked nose, stomach aches, or a sore throat due to crying a lot are making your child feel overtired and unwell. When all seems okay and your baby still won’t stop wailing, trust your instincts and call the doctor.

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Swaddling makes your child feel cosy like they were in the womb


Some babies may cry because they are outgoing, inquisitive and eager to see the world, and you are too tired at the end of the day and want the kid to sleep. An over-demanding baby can be exhausting, but simply wearing them in a sling and letting them look around may help. On the other hand, babies may also be overwhelmed with all the lights, noise, passing from hand-to-hand, and too much stimulation in general. And crying may be their way of saying, “I’ve had enough!” At such times, it’s better to swaddle the baby in a soft comfortable wrap. A good night’s sleep should do it.

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So if your baby seems to be crying for ‘no reason’ try to look for any signs of the above mentioned reasons instead of asking why do babies cry. Chances are, you may be surprised to find there was a reason behind the fuss after all. Happy parenthood! :)

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