Why do we dream and how does it help us?


One of the most hotly contested topics of today is dreams. Why do we dream? What makes us dream? Why do we remember some and forget others? What do our dreams mean? Many of us have asked this question at some point or the other. Although there is no accurate answer to most of these questions, we’d like to explain things to you in a way that could help you form an opinion. Research has proven that –

Dreams help you cope with trauma

Dreams help you cope with trauma

Dreams help you understand new experiences

Dreams link new events to old ones, putting them in context. For example, if you’re feeling anxious about your job, you may dream about another anxious time, like when you were taking a test in college. Dreams consolidate our recent memories and cross-reference them with older ones so that we can better understand what’s going on. Our brain is genius, isn’t it?

Dreams prepare you for change

Dreams are like a rehearsal for new instances. Dreaming about a test, or a marriage, or a race, will mentally prepare you for it.  Your brain takes your current emotion and helps you process it so that you can better deal a particular situation, when you’re awake.

Dreams help you cope with trauma

A study proved that dreams actually help you to overcome trauma caused by loss of a loved one, a breakup or a mishap that you have undergone personally.

Dreams facilitate learning

Dreams help you consolidate information that you may have overlooked.  While you dream, your brain processes information that seems most important. Research has proven that people who dream more have a higher level of creativity and are able to grasp information and concepts much easier.

Dreams help you cope with trauma

Dreams help you cope with trauma

While all this isn’t the solid truth, scientists and researchers have done all they can to establish what we know about dreams. There are some things we may never understand. But all I can say is our brain is a masterpiece!


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