Why Flavoured Waxing Is Better Than Regular Waxing


Waxing is a monthly essential hair-removal for many women around the world. While some of us are fans, for others waxing could be a pain – quite literally! Although I don’t deny the apparent ill-effects of waxing– pain, redness, rashes, skin irritation, cell damage, in-growth, etc – it’s still the most preferred method of hair removal over epilating, shaving and threading. It’s painful but effective, and that’s why woman all over the world go back to the salon every month for the next sitting. You might say, “Fair enough; no pain, no gain”. But what if I told you that your waxing session could actually be less painful and have many other benefits that the apparent one (read hair-free skin)? Flavoured waxing is the word! The new breakthrough beauty treatment that promises hair free skin that also soft and glowing! Here’s how flavoured waxing is better than regular waxing:

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girl getting her eyebrows waxed, Flavoured waxing

Flavoured wax is so gentle, you can even use it on your face

Ingredients: Regular wax is made of various sugar or other plant or animal-based products which may be infused with chemical stabilizers that could irritate your skin. On the other hand, flavoured waxes like chocolate wax, aloe vera or strawberry wax are made of natural and safe ingredients like cocoa bean, soybean oil, almond oil, glycerin, vitamins, strawberries, bees wax, honey, egg white, lemon juice, aloe vera etc. which nourish your skin and make it smooth.

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legs dipped in chocolate wax, flavoured waxing,

Chocolate wax is said to be less painful as compared to regular sugar wax

Pain factor: Let’s face it, regular wax is painful. This is because the sugar in the wax tends to stick to your skin and requires force to strip off the hair. This may cause the sugar to pull your skin cells along as it is being stripped off. The damage done to the skin-cells results in rashes and pain. However, chocolate wax or any other flavoured wax for that matter is less painful. Since flavoured waxes are relatively thicker they do not adhere to the skin cells very strongly and on being stripped off, they only remove the top most loose dead skin cells revealing softer, smoother skin. 

waxing legs with Aloe vera wax, flavoured waxing,

Aloe vera wax is extremely gentle and best for those with sensitive skin

Other benefits: The vitamins and amino acids in strawberry wax help make the skin brighter, and the anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries avoids skin irritation after-waxing; the wax is non-sticky and pulls out even the tiniest of hair. What’s more, it melts and spreads easily on the skin making it easier to remove. If you have sensitive skin then try the aloe vera wax as it is known to close the hair follicle and soothe the skin even as you’re being waxed. Dark/white chocolate wax also remove sun tan effectively and leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. All the types of flavoured waxes cause lesser pain as compared to regular sugar wax. Also, after a flavoured waxing session, the hair takes longer to grow back, which means the number of times you wax is curtailed and you don’t need to visit the salon frequently.

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With so many benefits and LESS PAIN (yay!) flavoured waxing is definitely a must-try for every woman who finds regular waxing too painful.

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