Why Giving A Dog As A Present Is A Bad Idea


If you think giving a dog as a present is a good idea, then, think again. We all know how someone would love to see a new puppy wrapped in red bow. It is adorable, but have you really thought in detail what problems it may cause to the receiver. Everyone agrees it’s the thought that counts, but here are reasons why giving a dog as a present is a bad idea.

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Are they ready for a new pup?

Firstly, you need to be very sure if the receiver is ready to have a new dog in their life. The person may be an ardent dog lover, but if he/she doesn’t have a dog in their home means something. Maybe they might just not be ready to have a dog or they have not given it much thought. The safest way to go about this is to talk to them about owning a dog. Give them some time to think over it and if they are ready, then can you go with them to adopt one. But till then just stick to non-living gifts, it causes less hassle to both parties.

Dogs are a huge responsibility

giving a dog as a present

Are they ready to shoulder the responsibility?

It’s every kid’s dream to have a pup, but what they don’t realize is the responsibility behind it. One has to feed it, take it for walks, give it a bath, get it vaccinated regularly and keep a check on its health. This is a tedious process and only if one is responsible enough should he/she own a dog. If you guys are serious about the whole dog gifting idea, then talk it out with the receivers. Give them a good strong reason why they should own a dog and then leave it to them to decide whether they should accept one or not.  Ensure you don’t force or coax the receiver into accepting the dog.

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Take proper care of the pup

giving a dog as a present

Taking care of the pup is extremely important as dogs, unlike children, never grow up

At times, the receiver will be overwhelmed to have a new pup at his place, but what is the guarantee that he will take good care of the pup. He may proclaim himself as a crazy dog lover, but will he be up for the task when it comes to taking care of an innocent pup. There can be times when he might forget to feed the pup, or he manhandles the pup and causes injuries to it. Remember one thing, dogs also have emotions and feel physical pain; so make sure you don’t do anything wrong to harm them.

Are they available for the pup at all times?

A pup requires your undivided attention, especially in its early stages. There are many instances when people neglect or even forget they have a dog in the house just because they are busy with work. If they have busy life, it’s better you don’t gift them a dog. You must remember one thing, a dog will throughout its life be dependent on its owner for anything that it needs. So their duty as an owner is to make sure they are available for the dog at all times.

Before you gift someone this fluffy bundle of joy, make sure they are responsible enough to become pet parents. Watch this amazing video that relates well to the topic discussed at hand.

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