Why MAC Makeup Is Totally Worth Every Penny


Whether you are a newbie or a makeup junkie since ages, I’m sure you have already heard the word MAC hundreds of time. Even after using MAC makeup for a while, I still feel like a newbie. Simply because the cult-favorite cosmetic brand called MAC has so many categories within categories, that there is literally something for everyone!

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MAC cosmetics - are they worth the money?

MAC cosmetics – are they worth the money?

But since some people complain that MAC is a bit expensive (a valid point), I decided to chalk out a few reasons why it is worth every penny spent.

MAC has various types of foundations; there's something for everyone

MAC has various types of foundations; there’s something for everyone

Foundation: First things first, MAC has a foundation for every skin type. Whether you are the oily or combination type, normal or dry type, or sensitive type you’ll have a range of MAC foundation that suits you best. Apart from the ‘types’ they even have a horde of shades for literally every skin tone! Pale, olive, tan, dark, wheatish, yellow, pinkish, you name it MAC has got it! The shades are labeled with N (neutral), C (cool), W(warm), NC(neutral cool), and NW(neutral warm) and depending on the undertones of your skin, you can choose any shade in each of these categories, as there are as many as 40 shades in each label. This is crazy, 40 shades in each label! Isn’t it hands down the best bet for any makeup enthusiast who has for ever been trying to pick the right shade for their skin tone but was disappointed? 

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A round-up of MAC concealers in various textures

A round-up of MAC concealers in various textures

Concealer: Every girl who has ever had even a single break-out or the smallest of pigmentation on her face, will know how truly important a concealer is. It’s a must-have for almost every one of us. And if you ask me, MAC concealers are rather good. Although I’ll be honest, there aren’t as many of these with MAC as foundations, but they do their job well (that is cover blemishes or dark circles). MAC concealers are available in 6 ranges – Studio Finish (SPF15), Select Cover Up, Select Moisturecover, Studio Sculpt Concealer, Pro Longwear, and Mineralise – and similar to the foundations, they follow the same shade guide. 

MAC eye-shadow and blush palettes are available in lots of colours and textures

MAC eye-shadow and blush palettes are available in lots of colours and textures

Blushes and eye-shadows: Who doesn’t love a good blush? Most people like a variety of blushes in their makeup kits, and whether cream or powder, mineral or long wearing, MAC has ‘em all! MAC blushes are easy to use and available in a variety of colours and textures, from dewy to sheer transparent. When it comes to eye shadows, you can never own enough. And you can never own enough of MAC either – there’s frost, lustre, matte, pearl, velvety, satin, and many more! There are many different finishes of MAC eye-shadow so there is something for all tastes and occasions (you never know when you need a little bit of glitter!) 

You just can't own enough MAC lipsticks!

You just can’t own enough MAC lipsticks!

Lipsticks: I’d have to agree that MAC lipsticks are a bit too pricey for some of us, but if you can afford one, then get one. Why? Because MAC lipsticks are absolutely fabulous! They are really pigmented, and glide smoothly on your lips (and they smell good too!) MAC lipsticks too are available in (too) many textures right from Amplified Crème, cream, glaze, and frost, matte, satin, crème sheen, mattene, mineralize, to glossy. In my opinion, you must get at least one.

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So there you have it. Everything that MAC makeup has is really good in all the aspects. As for the price, I’d like to clear the confusion that MAC is actually not as pricey as other brands. Don’t believe me? Compare it with other international brands like Stila, Estee Lauder, Dior, Smashbox, and Lancôme, which cost significantly more!

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Now that you’re clear on why MAC cosmetics are absolutely worth the price, when are you planning to buy one? ;)

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