Why sex is important between couples


To build trust, share moments and then cuddle is totally different from jumping into the sheets before knowing even the least about each other. Physical relationship is just one of the pillars among others like trust, understanding, comfortable, secure, etc that will help to build a strong bond between couples.

Physical intimacy makes it comfortable for couples to talk and share things with each other. It also helps in confiding and building trust with your partner. Pillow talks and cuddling are more ways to initiate talking. As you indulge in sharing special moments, you will be able to rely and support each other through the years.


This intimate relationship helps to strengthen your emotional bond as you will find it easy to talk about joyous moments as well as share your sorrows. The bonding with your partner becomes a special one for you because the private moments will help you to share emotions as well.

Lovemaking helps you to feel secure, warm and cosy. By spending intimate moments with your partner, you will feel special and confident. Some women worry if their partner will lose interest eventually, but, with a good sex life women will become more confident and secure with their partner.

In today’s world, it is difficult for couples to strike conversations and spend quality time with each other. But, this intimate lovemaking will be a form of verbal and non-verbal communication between you two. In this way, it relieves stress about not being able to spend time with your partner.

With all these positives in mind, the real question is if sex is really important between couples.


Though some couples admit that physical relationship helps them to emotionally confide in each other (like in arranged marriages), many others speak about building a good and strong bond before the lovemaking begins. The fact is that even years of a sexually active relationship cannot survive if there is no emotional cord attached.

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