Why you should get a bra-sizing done


Wearing the wrong bra can have many adverse effects on your health. For instance, acute headache, shoulder pain and neck pain can arise if you wear a wrong sized bra. Blood circulation is also affected by an ill fitted bra. Some women tend to wear bras that have a larger band and smaller cups. This puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and will again lead to neck pain. It is thus extremely important to get your ideal bra sized measured by professionals.

Regular fittings are a must:

Bra Sizing2

We must always get regular fittings done because our bodies change over time, and you can’t just buy bras based on the same fitting that you got 2-3 years ago.

Try on every single bra:


When shopping for lingerie, never be in a hurry or else you would be jeopardizing you health. Take your time and try each and every bra on, because sizes differ from brand to brand and even from bra to bra under the same brand! So you must always make sure that you buy a size that fits well. A bra that comfortably sticks to your breasts without putting any pressure on your shoulders is the best.

Smaller is smarter:

Although it’s best to get a bra that fits perfectly, if you find yourself confused between two-sizes – one ever-so-slightly smaller and the other ever-so-slightly bigger, we suggest you pick the smaller one. This is because the bra will most likely loosen up after washing and wearing a couple of times.

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