Why singledom is better than being in a relationship


Pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter show couples having the time of their lives together. However, that is what they call ‘the highlights’. The entire inning is an entirely different story, ridden with a host of problems. If you are single from a long time, or just out of a torrid relationship, or even if you are in a relationship right now, this article will enlighten you on what you are enjoying, what you have missed and what you are missing respectively.

You have the time to reflect upon your life

You have the time to reflect upon your life


No expectation of keeping your partner happy. You can go out whenever you like, you don’t have to worry about texting or calling anyone, you’re not answerable to anyone, you don’t have to divide your time between different people – your time is entirely your own.


If you were in a relationship, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Relationship most often is synonymous with compromise. Most significantly, compromising time with your friends. You may find your friends complaining. Well, if you’re single, all that’s gone away. You have all the time you want, to spend time with whoever you like.

Personal reflection

When in a relationship, all you care about is your partner, or that’s at least how it’s supposed to be. But when you’re single, you have ‘me time’, which involves reflection on what are your goals in life, what you want to do for yourself and where you’d want to be in a few years. All this somewhat disappears when you are in a relationship.


Money! The world revolves around it. The sun, what is that? People are more concerned with money than anything else. This is a harsh reality. When you’re in a relationship, birthday presents, Christmas presents, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, dinners, dates – it all stacks up surprisingly quickly. Now what can you spend your money on? You, of course!

You have the chance to meet new people and socialize

You can talk to whoever you want to without ‘the fear’

Lovey dovey couples are everywhere to be seen, it can irk some of us to no end if we’re single. However, some people say, you never know what you got till it’s gone; I say, better not to have it, if it’s so much trouble.



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