Why sitting for prolonged hours in dangerous for you


Eight-hour desk jobs are so normal nowadays that most of us don’t realise how much it affects our health! We tend to sit at our desk for around 2-3 hours without taking a break sometimes, lost in our work… while our backs cry! Sitting for long hours is linked to a number of health problems. Let us have a look at some of them.

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Slower metabolism

With decreased muscle contractions, sitting for prolonged hours slows the clearance of fat from your bloodstream and decreases the effect of insulin. Your metabolism is directly related to the amount and intensity of your physical activity; so the best way to counter a desk job lifestyle is by incorporating some sort of physical activity before or after work hours.

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Back pain

Back problems are a aplenty among people who work for long hours at their desks

Back problems are aplenty among people who work for long hours at their desks

Lower back pressure is one of the major reasons why sitting for long periods of time will increase chances of poor back health. Especially when you sit for long hours, your posture remains unattended, because of which the excessive pressure on your back builds up and can lead to problems like sciatic pain, disc bulges, ruptured muscles and so on.


Desk jobs are also related to heart disease, diabetes and obesity

Desk jobs are also related to heart disease, diabetes and obesity

Since energy expenditure is low, rate of fat burn decreases as well. This obviously leads to greater chances of obesity. The body’s major muscle groups aren’t being utilized and calorie burning is minimized which can lead to weight gain.

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Sitting for long hours impairs your body’s ability to process blood sugar. This leads to a reduced sensitivity to the hormone insulin. This is directly related to the occurrence of diabetes.

Heart disease

When in a seated position, muscles obviously burn lesser fat and blood flows more sluggishly. This allows fatty acids to clog the heart more easily.

Muscle degeneration

Due to decreased muscle movement, your muscles tend to become weaker. This, when combined with poor posture can lead to severe injuries.

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Leg disorders

Poor blood circulation in the legs can cause fluid to pool up leading to problems like swollen ankles, varicose veins and dangerous blood clots called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the legs.

So remember to take care while sitting at your desk! Take breaks every hour and stretch your muscles. Maintain the right posture and keep away from slouching at all times. Mix this all with some physical activity before or after work hours and you’re good to go!

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