Why Sleeping On An Old Mattress Is Bad For Your Health


It’s amazing how we spend one-third of our life sleeping; yet, do not adequately prepare for the bed. Before you get the wrong impression, let me clarify what I’m talking about – mattresses, of course. It is a sad reality that most of us do not understand the importance of a mattress and thereby jeopardize a good night’s sleep.

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Then there are some of us who do realize the importance of a good quality mattress but blame the budget for continuing to sleep on one that’s old and most probably less-than-ideal. But did you know, that sleeping on a wrong or old mattress can be the cause of more than the crick in your neck and the lower back pain.

Here’s what sleeping on an old mattress can do to your overall health:

Back pain is caused by sleeping on an old weathered mattress

Back pain is caused by sleeping on an old, weathered mattress

Pain: Back pain and neck pain are the most common symptoms for those who sleep on a wrong mattress, or one that’s too old to give the comfort it once provided. Old and worn-out mattresses cannot provide the necessary support to your body, which we require in order to get enough rest. Sleeping on lumpy, sagging and worn out mattresses can cause musculoskeletal pain in the back, spine, shoulders, neck and even strain your ligaments.

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Insomnia: Can’t seem to fall asleep every night? Maybe it’s your mattress. Old mattresses are said to cause insomnia and affect the amount of hours one gets to sleep. You may not realize that your mattress is the reason why you can’t sleep well.

Lumpy mattresses also cause insomnia and affect your sleep patterns

Lumpy mattresses also cause insomnia and affect your sleep patterns

Poor sleeping pattern: Lumpy mattresses do not allow the body to align properly, thus disrupting sound sleep. This may cause our sleep pattern to change and we may not get sound sleep at all because the lumps in the mattress do not let us have a comfortable position to fall asleep.

Fatigue: Insomnia and poor sleep patterns caused due to the old and wrong type of mattresses can further cause fatigue in the body. Daytime laziness, body ache, low levels of energy, etc may follow. If your body does not get enough sound sleep, it will hinder all your other daytime chores.

Asthma: An old mattress can also trigger asthma symptoms. Old mattresses may contain dust collected overtime that may trigger your asthma. Would you want to sleep on your old mattress every night now?

An old mattress can cause many health concerns like asthma, anxiety and depression

An old mattress can cause many health concerns like asthma, anxiety and depression

Allergies: Sometimes, mattresses that are made of cotton wool may collect dust mites and other materials that may cause allergies. There are fewer chances that your old cotton wool mattress is made of hypoallergenic material.

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Anxiety: Not getting enough sound sleep can make you anxious and the deprivation of sleep can give rise to symptoms of depression. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can make your body aware that night time means tossing, turning without getting enough sleep. This may trigger stress and anxiety at bedtime, making it even harder to fall sleep.

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