Why We Should Start ‘Suspended Coffees’ In India


What are ‘Suspended coffees’? Are they suspended in thin air? Is it a new technique used to serve customers at cafés? These might be the first few questions that will pop in your mind. To brief you about it, ‘Suspended Coffees’ were introduced in Naples for poor people who cannot afford even one meal on daily basis. Customers deliberately pay in advance for coffees which the poorer can’t afford.

According to this tradition, a person visiting a café for a leisure cup of coffee can pay for extra coffees; these ‘extra’ coffees are ‘suspended coffees’. This means any underprivileged person who cannot afford a meal/beverage can walk inside the café and ask for ‘suspended coffees’. If there is any coffee that has already been paid for, the poor person is provided with one. In this way, the poor can have minimal food intake at least.


Many people are deprived of food, and by initiating this concept everyone gets benefitted; the giver gets the joy of helping and the receiver gets the joy of satiating his hunger. We don’t have to wait for big opportunities to help the others; tiny deeds also matter.

The tradition has spread through the whole world. In some places, the trend of ordering a suspended sandwich or whole meal has also started.

If the concept of having suspended coffees or meals in restaurants and cafés are initiated in India, millions of the deprived can be fed. There are many beggars who beg for their daily bread. Be it at signals, railway stations or temples, they are present everywhere. Even though there are many people who cross them in a day, only a very few give some money. India can be one of the countries that adopt this idea to help the poor people; to a large extent this will help to reduce begging at public places.

What difference does a cup of coffee make to someone? Well, if a drop of water matters to a lonely man in a dry desert, this cup of coffee definitely matters to the less fortunate.



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