Why Winter Sex Is Always Better!


winter sex

Winters are all about hot chocolates and marshmallows, just like they are about human hot chocolates! The chilly season makes everything better, even sex! Yes, sex just gets better with the weather. A cozy winter evening with your special one is all you need to warm things up. So, The Brunette Diaries is giving you a few reasons why winter sex is better than action in any other season.

Layers, Layers, and Layers!

The more layers you wear, the more fun it gets! Taking off one piece of clothing at a time will only get your anticipation levels higher. Not only will the wait make it more fun, you also won’t need to turn on the heaters!

Socks FTW!

Research shows that women who wear socks during intercourse are likely to experience a better orgasm than the ones who don’t. Now, obviously you can’t wear socks in summers, you don’t want a heatstroke (sans the air-conditioning, of course).

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Move At Your Own Pace

The winter climate is so pleasant that you don’t have to rush through anything. It’s quite the opposite in summers; you’re in a hurry to finish it off so none of you melt because of the extra heat. In winters, you can start off and climax at your own pace and enjoy every bit of it.

Cuddling Is Must

It mandatory to cuddle after sex, however, it becomes a little difficult during other seasons. You can cuddle without having to worry about sweaty, stinky bodies touching each other. A little extra body heat is always welcome in the chilly climate! Being under the covers with your loved one holding you is enough to get you charged for another session!

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So, enjoy it while the weather still lasts! ;)

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