Why you should adopt a second child


4-year-old Aashish was joyfully playing at the park with his friends when he walked up to mummy and said, ‘Ma, I want friends at home also’. Kalpana Mishra, mother of the 4-year-old says that this was the day she realised how Aashish would feel lonelier as he grew up. The more he was with his friends, the more he would ask for someone to play with him at home as well.

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Children always want company. Growing up in a house with two elder brothers, I know exactly how company feels. Although the grass is always greener on the other side, I would still vouch for having siblings rather than being the only child.

Adoption can be a really beautiful thing to do from the humanitarian perspective

Adoption can be a really beautiful thing to do from the humanitarian perspective

As parents, if you already have a child at home and are going through a similar situation like Kalpana, it is wise to consider adopting the second child. Firstly, let me logically explain why you should adopt…

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The boom of population in the past few decades has been quite literally uncontrollable, especially seen in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. So if you want to lend a helping hand to this national concern, you can try adopting a child instead of bringing another one into the world.


If adding plus 1 to the population is going to affect numbers, it is going to affect the economy too. At a time like this, if we as human beings cannot provide for the children who already exist, then it kind of becomes unjust to them. This helps in a very small way – but that’s how you can bring a change, bit by bit.

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Some children in this world are born in hopeless conditions and have no future. They often end up being abandoned. That’s where adoption agencies take over. So why not lend a helping hand and make the world a better place? You can do this by giving a child a hope for a better future and a better potential to grow into something worthwhile.


From the humanity perspective, this is just one of the most beautiful things you could do to help someone.

Now, let me explain why you should adopt a second child.


As explained earlier, Aashish, who was born to Kalpana, felt lonely at home and loved going to the park to meet his friends. Adopting a second child will take care of the aforementioned points and give your first-born a chance to have a sibling to grow up with as well.

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Adopting a second child will bring more joy into the family

Adopting a second child will bring more joy into the family

You already have experienced the struggles of parenthood in its initial years and wouldn’t find it that difficult to take care of another child since you have the experience.


You skip going through the second childbirth. Though it is one of the most beautiful experiences for a woman, there are some women who still dread it as it is one of the most painful experiences a woman has to go through.

So if you are considering having another child, try adoption. It exhibits humanity, serves your need and also brings a smile on a child’s face, and probably even God’s.



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