Will ‘Will’ Jump? YES!


Will ‘Will’ Jump? YES!

As you might be aware, Hollywood actor Will Smith launched his own youtube channel earlier this year. But to all our surprises, he recently accepted a challenge in which he will have to bungee jump out of a helicopter. Yes, you heard right. It’s not every day when a A list celebrity accepts a challenge like that. The motivational ‘Yes Theory’ youtube channel openly challenged him in their video. Here, have a look at it!

A challenge made out of randomness but it worked. Not only Will Smith noticed the video, he responded to it. And more importantly, he ACCEPTED. Not only will he bungee jump out of a heli but he will do it over the great Grand Canyon. He responded of course with a video he published on his youtube channel a few days ago. It starts with him meditating over Gayatri Mantra when his friend shouts for him and tells him about the challenge.

His challenge accepting video is hilarious as one would expect, but what’s more interesting is the ‘Yes Theory’ channel’s reaction video to Will Smith’s accepting the challenge video. Will Smith is no stranger to thrillseeking, so it was obvious of him to accept this challenge. We don’t know when he will jump as he’s mentioned in the video he can’t go jumping out of helicopters while he’s on a movie contract. So this is pretty exciting for everyone and we CAN’T wait for this stunt to be pulled over soon.

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