Winners Enjoy A Tryst With Barun Sobti Thanks To TBD


From the contest to posing with their heartthrob – it was a long journey for the winners of ‘The Brunette Diaries Meet And Greet Event With Barun Sobti’!

First there were winners chosen from an ‘On site contest’. Then, when a couple of them could not make it for the event, we threw open another chance before Barun Sobti fans to meet the hottie! And two of them were chosen!

However, since we could not dishearten the winner-fans who wanted to desperately meet their idol but could not, we came up with an idea! We asked them to send us a message for Barun, and we’ll get it autographed for them! And, as promised, we did exactly that :)

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Check out these pictures, and tell us how you liked it :)


By the way, we haven’t shared the autographed messages here! Let it be a surprise for the ones receiving them ;)

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