Women Writers Who Portrayed Feminism At Its Best With Their Work



A famous writer, Ernest Hemmingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” And every bibliophile will blindly nod as we have just talked their heart out. I can completely understand what a book means to an avid reader, but a good book is a solace. If books are what makes you happy, you have ended up on the right website! ;)

I sniff books! I can’t imagine my life without books. They not only transport me to the world of fantasy, they just make me alive!

Before you proceed to this article, let us give a fair warning to all the bibliophiles out there, this list has been crunched to a few best women writers so far, who took us to the world of mist with their writings and we never wished to turn into the world of reality. But, alas! We had too! ;)

On this International Women’s Day, we have decided to celebrate some amazing women writers who highlighted feminism through their work, by sharing a list of books that one being a feminist should not miss.

Here goes the list:

Margaret Atwood


A Canadian writer, poet, novelist, literary critics, inventor, essayist, hush, just catching a breath, Margaret Atwood left us all in awry with her famous book The Handmaid’s Tale. She wrote many novels to die for, but what caught our attention was her love for dystopic stories. Showing how the world is not that bad, right?

Bronte Sisters


What to say about them! Growing up reading to the breathtaking stories by Anne Bronte, Emily Bronte and Charlotte Bronte, these sisters made us all step up in the imaginary world like no other writer. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Villette, Shirley, and many more that we can’t even stop talking about. If you really wish to read something feminist, pick Jane Eyre and just feel good about it!

Liane Moriarty


We all keep secrets but Liane Moriarty brought them to life in front of the millions of people through her much-discussed work. Big Little Lies, My Husband’s Secret, What Alice Forgot are a few of her best books one can read to know more about women.

Zadie Smith


From White Teeth to Swing Time, Zadie Smith has given us a plethora of books one can binge read on. A contemporary British novelist, Zadie’s work will surely make you remove those rose tinted glasses and read some amazing stories that will change your perspective towards life.

Harper Lee


An author of one book, To Kill A Mockingbird not only gave us lessons on becoming a fighter, but also left us with a heart-wrenching tale of a child-abuse victim. We know life is hard, and this book is a good example of it.

Sudha Murthy


Sudha Murthy writes for one and all! It is not just the women who will enjoy her writing, but also children, adults, and not to miss, oldies will mark her writings as true lessons.

Daphne du Maurier


Though the pace of her writing is a tad slow, Daphne Du Maurier’s stories will surely etch at your heart. The woman of substance doesn’t need an era to rise high, just a spark of belief in herself will make her a great human.

Roxane Gay


A true-blue feminist will surely have her writings as collections. Her books like Bad Feminist, Difficult Women, Not That Bad and many more to count on, have given us some amazing stories of equal rights. You crave for it? You better fight for it!

Jhumpa Lahiri


An Indian writer, she has given us a lot of amazing tales from childhood innocence to adulthood exertion. One of her books, Interpreter Of Maladies is actually a true interpreter of one’s grief in the form of short stories.

Happy Women’s Day, everyone! Celebrate women, celebrate success.

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