Workplace Communication Skills To Make It Big


Everyone dreams of making it big in their workplace, from working hours on ends to complete presentations, to being punctual and following every letter in the company’s rule book. But, there are other factors besides work that help you go a long way in the corporate world. Identifying the needs of the working environment is essential and this is where workplace communication skills come into the picture. Here we stress on the most basic of these skills that are worth their weight in gold.



Listening can help to understand other’s point of view.

The perks of being a smooth talker are well known to all, but listening intently can have its own benefits as well. In an office environment, listening to what others have to say enhances your credibility. You can get an idea of the other person’s thought process. Furthermore, asking pertinent follow-up questions can be ideal as the opposite person is assured of your interest in the conversation.


A part of being a good listener is to have patience. It is however a tricky skill to manage as too much patience can make you look like passive and too less can make you look too eager. This skill can be especially handy in tough situations when the heat is on, such as client meetings, brain storming sessions and appraisal season. Understanding the entire situation and then replying is the best way out.

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Self Improvement

While it is understandable that self improvement has nothing to do with communication, it is still a vital cog in the wheel of life. While general communication may relate to dealing with others, self improvement relies on communication with oneself. Such an internal communication can go a long way in ensuring you don’t fall off the chosen path. The important thing to note here is to make a conscious effort to learn from the skills of others.

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Even though you are working in a cut-throat environment it’s essential to remember the human instinct of empathy. Since a large number of workplaces involve working in a team, there can be a tendency to go off the handle and engage in high handedness. Try and understand the point of view of others by putting yourself in their position. In case you have difficulty understanding their state of mind or their behaviour, a calm, open-ended talk could do wonders.



Clarity is power!

Ever heard of the saying “Clarity is power”? If you haven’t, then drill it down in your memory right now.  It is the single most effective skill that can take you and your career to astounding heights. No matter whom you are talking to, a direct and honest approach always pays. Beating around the bush will only get people around you bored and uninterested in your conversations. For those who realize they have this problem, can even jot down the points, so as to put them across in an effective manner.

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Life is a culmination of many things and so is a successful career. And, you’d be well advised to get them ingrained in your behaviour to go the distance in the corporate world.

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