Worst sex positions ever


Even though erotic books and X-rated films give us ideas to try new sex positions, some of them are just the worst ones to try out. The below mentioned sex positions are proven to give lesser orgasm when compared to the other kinds. If you still insist on trying some sex positions that don’t sound perfect, here is how you can improvise on them.

Wet shower sex


Doesn’t the title itself seem erotic? But, hold on there! This is not how you should have sex. Getting soapy and wet while indulging in foreplay is absolutely fine, but to have sex is a no-no. The possibility of getting water and soap in your eyes, ears and genitals is far from erotic. Also, if the two of you have a major height difference, this might end up being a bad idea. What you can do instead is indulge in foreplay when in the shower and carry on with your sexual intercourse on the bed preferably.

Floor sex

“Oh! I am going to take you right down on this floor and make love to you like never before”

Such filmy lines can be good enough as dialogues rather than practically executing them. To have rough sex on the floor can ensure a broken back rather than giving you the best orgasm. The last thing you want is to break your back because of the cold and hard flooring in your house. You can always have good sex on your comfortable and bouncy mattress instead of the hard surfaced floor. But, if you still insist on trying the floor, use a rug or carpet for the act.

Kitchen sex


Movies may show scenes of a couple engaging in hot sexual encounters on their kitchen tables, but, in reality it is advisable to not attempt such ‘naked stunts’ there. You have your knives and other sharp cutlery in the kitchen, also, not to forget the cold and chilly kitchen counters. When you are in the act you tend to pay least attention to the surroundings and this can cause accidents, particularly in kitchen. So, you can indulge in foreplay by playing with food rather than having a sexual encounter right there. Feed each other food or place it on each other’s body for your partner to consume it in an erotic way. And you can continue the act on the couch in the living room or on your bed.

Dogs and cows are no good

Be it the doggy style or reverse cowgirl, these are positions that are much hyped in erotic books and films. To bend over and let your man poke you from behind might seem animalistic and tempting (that is if you are an animal on bed; pun intended), but have you noticed the fact that it gives you no chance to make eye contact or caress each other during the act? Reverse cowgirl is no good; you are busy in the act while your man has nothing to do other than stare at your bare back. You cannot exchange quick kisses or touch each other in this position. These are two positions that are less intimate compared to the others.

Good old 69

If you are given Gulab Jamun in one hand and Rasgulla in the other and asked to eat both at the same time, would you be able to relish these sweet but diverse tastes simultaneously? This is the situation with this position. To pleasure your man and receive pleasure at the same time is like the Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla story. Though the act is intimate and guarantees orgasm, both of you cannot enjoy each other’s pleasure at peace. You can instead indulge in the act one at a time. You can first go down on him and later he on you or vice versa. In this way, you both can achieve orgasm at peace.

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