Would you be sexually attracted to someone for their smell?


The current competitive ‘dating’ scenario isn’t easy to decipher. One wrong step (read: body odour) and you may completely turn off your date. However, new research on scent and attraction has given us a leg up on the possibility to grab the attention of the person you have been pursuing. Six pack abs and an overflowing bank account will not get you attention anymore; you may be surprised to know that looking like a David Beckham or a Brad Pitt won’t guarantee that you’ll get the girl, but smelling like a star might get your chances up.

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Women are more influenced by their noses than guys are, especially when it comes to romance. Remember how Rani Mukerji, in the movie ‘Aiyya’, was mesmerized by the smell of the lead actor. She’d follow his fragrance! Even the TV commercial makers know how scent affects our senses. Which is why you’ll see all women flocking to that one guy who smells so damn good! But just making sure you don’t smell bad may not help. You must put in the efforts to smell exceptionally good. We asked a few people for their opinions on whether they get sexually attracted to a person owing to the way they smell. And this is what they said…

In this TVC for a deo, the boy sprays perfume and attracts girls like bees to a flower

In this TVC for a deo, the boy sprays perfume and attracts girls like a magnet

Dave Matthews, 35, said that a girl’s smell is really important for him to be attracted to her. “Our olfactory sense plays a huge part in arousing us. A person only needs to smell good and it works like a magnet. Why else do bees get attracted to a flower? Because the sweet smell of the nectar is so sensuous and seductive.” Dave feels that when you’re attracted to someone, their smell is synonymous of them; so if they are away, you don’t just miss them but you tend to miss their smell too!

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24-year-old Daisy, a writer, feels that smelling good is important generally but it isn’t the most important thing to be sexually attracted to someone. “Sure, if you smell bad I wouldn’t be attracted to you at all. But that DOESN’T mean just because you smell good I’ll go to bed with you! Feelings are more important than anything else.”

In another ad, even angels 'fall' for the guy who smells good

In another ad, even angels ‘fall’ for the guy who smells good

Jessica D’mello, an HR manager, has a different opinion. “I wouldn’t get sexually attracted to someone for the way they smell. That’s like treating someone like a commodity or a perfume. How a person smells isn’t important for me to be attracted to them. They could be the best people on earth and not smell sweet, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they are a good person.”

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Hiral Baatlawala, 22, says if a guy who approaches her smells good, he may score some brownie points with her. “A person who smells bad is such a turn off. It is important that you must smell sweet for me to be attracted to you. So yes, fragrance plays a huge role in romance.” That said, she also feels that if a person is away from her, she would miss the person and not their smell.

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With regards to the TVCs, one thing that was clear to us after this survey is that, women may not necessarily flock you if you smell good. You must work hard to win them over. Just smelling good may help in getting their attention but it won’t get you laid. ;)

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