Your checklist before the big proposal


We all know that every woman dreams of her wedding day from when she is a little girl. But do you know that we dream of having the best marriage proposal as well? (I know, women can get a little too much with their list)

If you are planning on proposing to your partner, here are a few things you should check before adding this memorable event to your timeline.

Be creative

be creative

Firstly you need ideas; but try not to copy the existing ones. Think innovatively considering her likes and dislikes as well. You can propose while scuba diving or you can leave a message in a glass closed with a cork on the beach. Be creative enough to flatter your girlfriend with the extra efforts you put in.


ask permission

To marry your partner, you need to get her parents’ consent. They are the reason for the very existence of the love of your life. So, meet up for lunch or dinner and tell them about your idea. Forget not to remind them that it is a secret lest they reveal it to their daughter and ruin the whole planning process.



This can be a sub category of creativeness. Depending on how you want to propose, you have to plan the location. If it is a flash mob at a public place, ensure you get permission from the authorities for the same.


keep it simple

Don’t make your proposal too grand because you are setting the bar high for your wedding day. And, that is okay only if you are already rich enough to have a wedding ceremony that can beat the marriage proposal.

Pause, wait


After proposing, give her some time to react. She might be too shocked to digest the whole surprise, and this might take some time. So, if there is a moment of silence, don’t assume that it is a negative sign. Wait for some time.

Good luck!


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