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Manicure Trends That You Have To Try For Sure in 2019!

Having beautiful glossy & perfectly shaped nails is every girl’s dream. But due to lack of knowledge about manicure routines or maybe no time to follow-up on trends, our nails seldom lack their much-deserved care. But now, here we present you with quick, easy, affordable & beautiful manicure tips or trends that are in for 2019.

1.    Texture is In!
Playful colors and textures are all set to make a comeback in 2019, but these textures will have a more fine-art approach. Nails in 2019 will be much more playful & creative.

textured nails 

2.    Try the Tortoiseshell nails. 
It almost works as a softer animal-print look and it can be adapted to suit all skin tones. It's also super chic.  Do try if you want to flaunt your unique nails in front of your friends & make their jaws drop!

tortoise shells nails

3.    Jelly Nails
Jelly nails is just a fancy name. It is moreover known as see-through nails. Go for neutrals or pastel hues with a '90s twist — pale gray, lavender and even iridescent, shimmery colors in pinks and warm neutrals. We'll see more of these hues in the salon for sure. 

jelly nails

4.    Wordy Nails
This is for all bookworms or nerds who want to make their nails look geeky but cute at the same time. Next time, when you visit a salon, ask for Wordy Nails! Fonts, logos and slogans look great on all colors, decorate it using bright pastel colors for an updated take on this trend. 

wordy nails

5.    Go Metallic 
Metallic gold or silver accents over sheer color, such as encapsulated items using gold leaf, foils, or metal shapes, add subtle but chic interest. 

metallic nails

6.    Go Rosey
If you love light rose color on you perfectly rounded tips, then this manicure style suits just you! It’ll add another level of sophistication to your nails. The quartz trend isn't exclusive to long nails or acrylics; it looks stunning on short nails too.

rosey nails

7.    Negative Space Continuing To Slay In This Year Too!
Prepare to play with placement and dimension by blocking off thick, diagonal strips across each nail. Be minimal.

negative space

8.     Mix 'em Up!
Do you think sticking to one trend at a time is boring? Then good news! No one said you can’t try two or more than two styles at the same time. Note that you should stick to hues that are in the same shades (like grays and whites) to keep the look intentional, not chaotic.


So now that you have so many styles to pull off, try all of them & be a style icon among your friend circle. Thank us later, *wink*!