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Here Are The Biggest Carnivals Held Around The World 

Can you believe that we are almost at the end of February already? Feb is synonymous with lots of festivals & carnivals all around the world. Tourists save money all year round & create a bucket list they intend of ticking off! 
There are many countries which celebrate carnivals like Brazil and Spain. Even in India, a Carnival is held in Goa on the weekend prior to Ash Wednesday. 
This list below shows you some of the most extravagant carnivals held in March across the globe that you will want to experience.

1.   The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
When: 2nd-9th March 2019
The weeklong festival held every year witnesses around two million people registering their attendance per day. It has an extravagant parade, dancing and alcohol making it one of the most exciting and well-known festivals in the world. 

2.    Mardi Gras, New Orleans 
When: 5th March 2019 
Fat Tuesday is its literal translation of Mardi Gras. The most popular time to visit New Orleans, is the last day of the Carnival season and it never disappoints with parades, music and dance. 

3.    Calle Ocho, Florida USA
When:  10th March 2019 
Let the Latin beat take you away at the Calle Ocho street festival in Miami's Little Havana. An exciting Cuban street festival in Little Havana, with food and live music & don’t forget to groove to Camila Cabello’s song ‘Havana’ in a small local bar. 


4.     Las Fallas, Valencia, Spain
When: 15th-19th March 2019  
Las Fallas is undoubtedly one of the most unique festivals in Spain - a Spanish fiesta where the whole town is literally set alight. The focus of the festival is the creation and burning of giant carton floats. 


5.    Saint Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ireland
When: 17th March 2019
Ireland’s national holiday of parades, costumes, music, comedy, films, and drinking. It is a festival like no other that needs to be added to your bucketlist.

patricks day

So these are the carnivals which are going to happen in the month of March. You have the time and money? Then what are you waiting for, book a flight & land into the land of happiness & joy!