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Effective Ways To Relieve Sinus Headache Instantly


Only those who suffer from severe sinus know that it's different from migraine or tension headaches. Sinus headaches are a side effect of sinusitis, which is the swelling and inflammation of the sinus membrane lining. This results in increased pressure around the eyes, forehead and cheeks, thereby making the area very painful. Though most people opt for medical treatment of sinus, there are others who have learned to live with these sudden excruciating headaches. However, there are some effective remedies to relieve sinus headache. We bring you a summary of such tips.

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- Having a check on the regular diet is very essential. A good, balanced diet is what you need to strengthen the body's immunity and fight infection. Keeping the body hydrated and gorging on food rich in Vitamin C helps to fight sinus attacks. Warm soups, green tea and spicy foods are what you need to clear nasal congestion and provide with some respite instantly.
- Hot and cold compress is a trusted way to relieve sinus headache. Apply a hot compress to the affected area for 3 minutes followed by a swift replacement of cold compress for 30 seconds. Repeat this 5 times on a daily basis for best results.
- The humble ginger is blessed with some amazing pain-relieving properties. Slice a fresh piece of ginger and boil it water for 10 minutes. Drink this warm water regularly to get rid of the severe pain.

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- People swear by acupressure for a reason. Relieve sinus headache by applying pressure to the place where the thumb and index finger meet.
- Steam and aroma therapy are your friends if you are a regular sufferer of sharp sinus pains. These clear the nasal passage, hence calming the sinus membrane.
- Regular forehead massages work wonders on sinus headaches. Alternatively, you could also make a saline solution of warm water and salt and spray it into your nostrils.
- The health benefits of cinnamon are many! Make a paste of powdered cinnamon, sandalwood powder and a little water. Apply this to the forehead area and rinse off after 10 minutes.

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- Long, hot showers open blocked sinuses. In addition, when suffering from a headache, do not exert yourself; instead, take rest since it eases the pain.

Bonus Tip: Avoid cigarettes and alcohol, as they are known to worsen sinus headaches.

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Sinus headaches can be agonizing, try these helpful ways to overcome these pangs of sharp pain.

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