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FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil – All in one rhythm!

If you thought the World Cup in South Africa was special, get a load of this! Football is returning to the samba streets of Brazil! Football fans are getting super excited, anxious, thrilled, can't-wait-no-more, for the World Cup! It's just a few days away! All in one rhythm… this time for Brazil!

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Everyone had something to say about their excitement for the FIFA World Cup, this is what a handful said.

25­-year-old freelance blogger Vinod Narasimhan says, "Brazil is the home of football, the home of saaambaaa, flair, Ronaldhino, Pele! This generation's expectations lie on the head of Neymar, who I happen to share my birthday with. Neymar and me are equally skilled *cocky laugh*. He's going to be playing in front of some mad Brazil fans and boy, do they know to support their team or what! I'm frikkin excited about Brazil vs. Croatia on 12th June." (sic)

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[caption id="attachment_5300" align="alignnone" width="300"]Pierre Santos Pierre Santos[/caption]

Content Writer Pierre Santos had this to say, "I'm looking forward to Spain nicking the World Cup once again, but I'd love to see Brazil kill it in their homeland! You may think that I'm Brazilian with the surname and all, but I'm Indian, Goan in fact, yeah, we've got these kind of surnames. I'm looking forward to seeing Iniesta waltz his way past defenders! Dayummm, that feel!" (sic)

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[caption id="attachment_5301" align="alignnone" width="177"]Risshi Ramanathkar Risshi Ramanathkar[/caption]

23-year-old Marketing Executive Risshi Ramanathkar exclaimed, "England! Yeah they've got a fresh side with a lot of youngsters. Looking forward to seeing them go far in the tournament. Belgium could be a surprise package, I love Eden Hazard. Looking forward to seeing him kill it! Can't wait for the World Cup, I'm counting down the days. I've got my England jersey ready and I can't wait for England vs. Italy on the 14th."

Video Editor Akhilesh Soman doesn't watch football that much, because of lack of time, but says that when it comes to the World Cup, damn, ‘errbody got time fo dat'! "Best part is it's in Brazil. Besides all the excitement, I want to see if Brazil can cope up with the World Cup standards for hosting – infrastructure, mobile connectivity, hotel accommodation and transportation wise. I've heard they're nowhere near meeting these standards. Let's see if they, like India, who are developing countries, live up to the expectations."

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28-year-old Associate Video Developer Akhilesh Singh Bhadoriya said, "I'm no football fan, I mean, I watch highlights and fantastic goals and stuff. But I somehow end up watching the World Cup with friends. This time everybody is talking about it. Let's see if it lives up to the hype."

Less than a week to go and I'm excited as well! Besides, who isn't? Ladies, make TV space for your men… no distractions game time! Join in the fun… All in one rhythm!


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