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5 fun things to do this monsoon

The summer brings in severe heat and people complaining to go with it, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. The rainy season is around the corner and the fresh smell of moist soil brings warmth to the hearts of most of us. Last night, I experienced rain for the first time this season, and as I was riding through traffic, I stopped and looked around. The joy on people's faces can't be described that well, but the woman I spotted with a 350 watt smile at the first sight of raindrops this season, filled me with delight. You may be 15 or 20 or 25 or even 35, but rains remain the same! There are certain things you may have never done before, or have discontinued now, but here's what you must try, to enjoy the monsoon this time round.

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It's time for football!

[caption id="attachment_5290" align="alignnone" width="300"]Football in the rain is super fun! Football in the rain is super fun![/caption]

It's almost the end of the summer holidays, and college/school kids are soon going to be outside with their football. Ten to fifteen kids running after a football in muck on a rainy day is a delight to watch; so instead of just watching the fun, you might as well go and join in! There's nothing like football in the rain!

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Long drive

Sitting at your window seat you can barely see the horizon, but the feeling is of immense pleasure. The car feels cooler and there's nothing like going for a long drive! So go get your driving hands ready for a long drive in the rain! But be careful, as roads get wet and slippery.

Chai (tea) bhajjiya

Chilling at home on a rainy day may be super relaxing, but there's nothing like going outside for a chai! The roadside chaiwala's make chai like you could never make at home, trust me. A chai on a rainy day is super fun, try it! You can even try steaming bhajjiyas, as it complements the cool weather and tastes awesome, of course!

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Yes, cycling in the rain is another experience that is worth describing. Raindrops trickling down your face will make you feel refreshed like no massage parlor/steam/Jacuzzi can!

Making love

[caption id="attachment_5289" align="alignnone" width="300"]Kissing in the rain is something you must try! Kissing in the rain is something you must try![/caption]

If you do have a partner, kissing in the rain is something you ought to try. The movies don't always lie, and this is like the peak of the amazing things you can do in life.

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Have fun this monsoon! Don't stress, the weather may be gloomy, but let the rains soak your heart with happiness like it does to a plant!


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