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5 Things You Do At Work That Women Don't Like

When a man works with a woman it can be a wonderful experience and it should be. But for most of you it feels like you're shooting blanks in the dark… not sure what to say or do and at times you don't know if you've said or done something wrong.

You might not even realize that there are certain things that you do in the corporate world that might not be acceptable to women around you. Obviously, nobody wants that, do they? Here are 5 things that you shouldn't do at work because women don't like it at all.

 Call her ‘Baby' and ‘Dear':

Saying these words to your dog may go down well, but to a women in an office space that is one species you wouldn't want to rattle. Just in case you need it spelled out, words like sweetie and love are on the banned list too.

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 Ask the woman to get coffee:

[caption id="attachment_17539" align="alignnone" width="336"]Never ask the lady to get you a cup of coffee. Never ask the lady to get you a cup of coffee.[/caption]

You're in a conference with a room full of men and one woman. You really need to serve coffees for everyone and even the receptionist is at lunch. Your instant reaction would be to ask the lady to get coffees for everyone. You cannot do this! Even if she is the lowest in the hierarchy, it does not give you the right to order her. It can cause issues. Easy way out is to delegate it to someone who isn't a lady.

Flattery is not an option:

[caption id="attachment_17540" align="alignnone" width="291"]Flattery is not an option Flattery is not an option[/caption]

Complimenting a woman on her work is fine. Flattery is something that you should avoid, because women can see right through the bullshit that you give. If you think the work you've done or the clothes you wear will charm a lady in a business environment, then I feel you should take up modeling as a career. Too much flattery can lead to you being tagged as a creep.

 Pretending to care:

Don't pretend that you care about a woman's life outside your office walls when in reality you really don't care. It's always good to keep it real at all times. If you happen to run into a woman who shares all her problems about life, it's best you stay away from all this.

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Don't make them one of the boys:

Just because the women around you are ambitious and independent that doesn't mean you treat them like boys. Everyone knows it's a man's world, which means you treat women like men? I think that's a very stupid notion.

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Remember, when it comes to women, respect the fact that we're different creatures. And know one thing, working together is a lot more powerful than working against each other.


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