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Prepare for sports day in 5 days

Haven't been active for a long time? Been sitting at your desk and doing your work? Many offices, schools and colleges have sports day that catches many of us unprepared. Fitness may not be your cup of tea, but here are a few little ‘here and theres' that you can do to prepare for a sporting event.

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Get good rest the night before

[caption id="attachment_5339" align="alignnone" width="300"]Get good rest the night before Get good rest the night before[/caption]

Make sure you are energized on the day of the event. At least 8 hours of sleep is important so that your energy levels are optimum. Make sure you do not overwork the day before or have a late night.

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Drink plenty of water

If you aren't used to playing sports outside, you could risk getting dehydrated during a sporting event. Make sure you carry enough water to the ground and have plenty of water that morning.


Yes, hardcore exercises aren't going to help you that much, but a light aerobic exercise can get you accustomed for the sports day. If you haven't been using some muscles that much, they're bound to get strained, so make sure you work them at least a little a few days before sports day.

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Eat healthy

You don't want to be on the ground with a bloated stomach! Eat fibre and protein rich food that will digest well and make you feel energized for a day in the heat.

Warm up and stretch

[caption id="attachment_5338" align="alignnone" width="230"]Warm up and stretch Warm up and stretch[/caption]

When the D-day comes, make sure you warm up and stretch appropriately, so that you do not risk muscle cramping. Do a light stretch but make sure you don't tire yourself before the actual event.

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You've got to go all out on sports day! You may have just one day to prove your athletic ability, if you are that competitive, else, it's a good day to chill out with your colleagues or classmates but make sure you are ready!


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