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Life lessons from the death of a close person

They say death is a great leveller; the grave engulfs the poor and the rich, the educated and the uneducated. Well, guess what, death is a great teacher as well. The death of a close one makes you realise how much life must be treasured, how much life must be made use of to the optimum.

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The harsh reality of life is ... that it ends, and the end is not always as beautiful as the beginning. Most often it leaves us with more to be desired. I lost a loved one last night, and I know exactly what it feels. Here let us take a look at things we must learn, the positives we must dig out from death – the great teacher.

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[caption id="attachment_5250" align="alignnone" width="300"]Hold on to your relationship not your ego Hold on to your relationships, not your ego[/caption]

There's no time for ego in this precious life that you live. Ego may make you feel like you are something, but the bitter truth is that your life is weighed by what you have done... for others... not for yourself.


The average age of a man is 3 score and 10, so in this limited time, try to treasure your relationships. Living for yourself is easy, but living for your loved ones is what makes your story legend.

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Personal enmity can leave you harbouring bitterness. Bitterness is like a poison, it eats you from the inside. Smudge away all your personal grudges and mend your relationships to live free. Forgive others and make sure they forgive you because you never know when death strikes.


Achievements make your life worth it. It makes family and friends proud. So don't strive for the feeling of accomplishment, for it's certainly not worth it, strive for making your loved ones proud, and achieve all that you can for them, your life will have much more meaning.

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[caption id="attachment_5248" align="alignnone" width="300"]Love and cherish your family and friends Love and cherish your family and friends[/caption]

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, characteristics of reasonability is love. Love with a real reason is supremely appreciable. Let your love shine more than it had before. Learn to love others for what they are, and not just what they have done for you.

Life teaches us a lot, but death surely does teach us a lot more. Living for others is quite appropriately the essence of life. Harsh as it sounds, death is filled with negativity, but we must learn to appreciate the positives that it teaches us, so that we can, like Shakespeare, can say to death – ‘O death where is thy sting?'


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