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Side Effects Of Heat Styling Products Every Girl Must Know

We all would love our hair to look beautiful and gorgeous all the time, just like the hair of celebrities and models. However, we don't have a group of hair stylists to do this for us every time we need to look beautiful, and thus we resort to the help of heat styling products. While these heat styling products do make our everyday hair look fairly glamorous, they also pose a great threat to the overall health of our hair. Here are some side effects of heat styling products on our hair.

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Hair Gets Burned

side effects of heat styling products

Hair subjected to heat from various heat styling products gets burned and damaged. Even if you are planning to use the hair straightener only for a few minutes, those few minutes are enough to damage your hair. The more frequently you subject your hair to heat, the more damage you will cause.

Hair Gets Dry

Hair straightening burns your hair and rips it of all its natural moisture. As such, once extremely lustrous and hydrated hair can also begin to dry out and look brittle and lifeless.

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Split Ends

side effects of heat styling products

Heat styling products cause damage to your hair cuticles. The tip f your hair becomes frizzy and dry. This frizz causes the hair to get tangled amongst each other and thus causing the ends to split as well.

Harmful Chemicals

At times, especially when you go in for permanent hair straightening, chemicals are applied to your hair before they are subjected to heat. These chemicals are harsh and make your hair unhealthy; and to top it all, if you have sensitive skin, it could cause a bad chemical reaction.

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Hair Fall

side effects of heat styling products

Hair fall is something that a lot of people have experienced after continuous uses of heat styling products and treatments. Hair fall could be the result of poor quality of chemicals used, a reaction to the chemicals or improper technique of straightening that pulls the hair thereby causing it to break. Hair fall could also lead to permanent hair loss if not taken seriously in time.


Though this is more of a mental side effect of hair straightening than a physical one, it is a side effect nonetheless. Once the craze and newness of straight hair wears off, you tend get to get bored with the same look. Also, poker straight hair are much more difficult to style into other forms, plus they are probably already damaged; anything you do to them will further add to it.

So before you make the bold move of getting your hair permanently straightened or if you are a frequent flat iron user, then you definitely need to take into account these side effects of heat styling products and treatments.



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