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The art of keeping a secret

Are you a tell-tale? Do you find it difficult to hold back information that is exclusive to you? Well, don't be discouraged, we've all been there and it's human nature. Studies have shown that secrets can be harmful to those keeping them rather than to those who do not know them. If only the world's secrets would be let out, wouldn't we all love it more?

[caption id="attachment_4088" align="alignnone" width="300"]Trust is built by the secrets you keep Trust is built by the secrets you keep[/caption]

Keeping a secret can be quite a challenge. Nowadays, even Facebook accounts reveal things that most people kept secret back in the day. What has the world come to? Personal information is ready on a platter for people to take advantage of. How then can we complain? Some things are best kept secret. Let us look at the art of keeping a secret in close quarters to your heart without blurting it out. Difficult that it is, sometimes it's rather necessary.

Keep a motivation

Think before you keep a secret. Think about the consequences of letting a secret out. Could it disarray your relationship with someone? Could it cause embarrassment? Could it hurt their feelings? Worst case scenario is the person not being able to trust you anymore. Keep this motivation in mind the next time you get the urge to blurt out a secret that somebody trusts you with.

Do not discuss anything close to it

Sometimes, you feel the urge to spice up a conversation with the juicy information that you have. But if youstay aloof from the topic altogether, you will not feel like uttering it out.

Try not to keep it in the back of your mind

The best way to keep a secret is by keeping it a secret from yourself too. The more you think about it the more you'd want to tell. Our words are a direct translation of our constant thoughts, and therefore the more you think about the secret, the more the chances of telling.

Keeping secrets is the best way to build trust in a relationship. If you manage to keep a secret it shows how much you respect a person and his/her personal life. Value your relationships and do not vomit out everything you know, like in the exams.


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