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Your first big step into college life?

School life is over; you may feel like you are entering into the free-bird world. Well, with great freedom comes self responsibility! College is fun, but it can be taxing if you don't balance out important things. Taking a big step into college life wondering how to get along? Friends will always be there, so you can feel good about it. But here are a few tips to help you breeze through your first year in college and enjoy it like you would imagine.

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Go to class

You may hear about bunking being the most amazing thing in college life! Well, first you need to get used to college, in college! Bunking can come later on. Getting used to taking notes, syllabi, and attendance issues is important in the first few days of college. Once you size these things up, then you can decide whether you need to skip a few lectures to have fun. I'm no bunking advocate, but trust me, it's fun!

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Stay organised

Free-bird life doesn't mean you shun away all your responsibilities. Stay organised while you can and you will see that your college life will be so much smoother. Create a timetable that is flexible, unlike in school. Carry books to college! Leave space for fun, obviously, because the first year of college is always going to be most of that!

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Choose friends wisely

[caption id="attachment_5386" align="alignnone" width="300"]Choose friends wisely Choose friends wisely[/caption]

In school, as everyone was under ‘surveillance', if I can use the word, bad habits were somewhat under control. Now that things have changed, you need to figure out who you need to be friends with, more wisely. What you are ten years from now can be determined by the books you read and the friends you keep. So consider what are your goals and aspirations in life and choose your friends who know how to balance fun and studies.

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Be in the good books of the professors

Yes, one thing similar to school! From personal experience I can say that - with attendance, internal marks and assignment grading lying in your professor's hands make sure you impress them and be on their good books. They will leave space for your fun, because they know too, you're in college now!

Have fun

[caption id="attachment_5384" align="alignnone" width="275"]College life is fun! College life is fun![/caption]

Yes, school's over! No more stringent rules, no more pressure of excessive homework, and six hours of lectures! College can be real fun, compared to school. Have fun! Don't stress too much about studies like you did at school, but don't neglect it altogether. Maintain a balance in everything you do, life's much better that way.




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